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Pure, Premium, Solventless

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Brand & Product Development

​We develop the right solventless products for your business.

  • Solventless brand and product line SKUs

  • Live Rosin and Hash

  • Food Grade Live Rosin Edibles (aka Lozenges in NJ)

  • Live Rosin Vape Cartridges

  • Packaging and Printing

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Solventless Extraction

We work with licensed operators to produce your products. OR, we work with you to set up your licensed operation. 

  • Licensed Partner: Processing at licensed site for production

  • Building Your Licensed Operation: Onsite lab design and build out

SOPs & Staffing

We bring compliant SOPS and provide trained staff to operate your licensed lab, OR we train your team on compliant SOPs. 

  • Compliant SOPs (wash, collect, press, cure, package, store)

  • Trained extraction staff available for offsite and onsite production and operations

  • Training for your staff

Product Manufacturing and Development

Live Rosin and Hash Concentrates

Fresh flower is harvested and frozen - preserving the resin-rich trichome heads where the plant gets its scent and flavor. 


The flower is washed using ice water - no solvents - to remove the resin glands (trichomes). 

The trichomes are collected, dried, pressed and cured - like a fine wine or aged spirit - into a pure, clean, taste rich consistency, i.e "dabs."


This concentrate commands a premium price in the market. 

Infused Live Rosin 
Edibles (Lozenges in NJ)

Once rosin and hash is made, it can be added to pre-rolls and lozenges to add terpenes, flavor and potency. 

Infused pre-rolls and lozenges are premium products that command premium price in the market. 

They are also higher in potency for those consumers who are seeking more concentrated consumption experiences. 

Live Rosin Vape Cartridges and All-in-Ones

Using ceramic cartridges that do not off-gas like metal ones, rosin is warmed into a viscous oil for a vape cartridge. 

Rosin vape cartridges are the highest quality cartridges on the market and command a premium price point. 

Unlike distillate cartridges in which terpenes are burned away and then added later - rosin cartridges have all original terpenes in tact in the final product.


“There is much more to pressing resin glands than mere transportation and storage convenience or product marketing. It is a complex operation that profoundly changes the very nature of the resin glands, their psychoactive and medicinal properties; an art form with tens of thousands of years of evolution behind it.”

Frenchy Cannoli

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